Daniela Hermosilla Z. (Santiago de Chile, 1983)


Artist and art historian based in the cities of Berlin and Valdivia.


Ph.D in Art History, working in the field of artists publications and other forms of Printed Matter. Her doctoral research focused on strategies for visual representation of memory in contemporary art, addressing Latin American artists' publications (1958-1989) as case of study. The thesis, directed by Professor Ann a Maria Guasch F., proposes artists' publications as an artistic and political strategy, as well as a container of cultural memory, questioning the coherence between a counter-hegemonic art practice and its re-validation in the present as a historical archive of cultural memory. 


Associated researcher in Art Globalization Interculturality (AGI) research group, from the University of Barcelona.


She is also the co-founder of the Greta Rusttt collective, from where she is involved in different artistic, editorial and curatorial projects.