The Ghostwriter Project is an on-going action, carried out simultaneously by different

artists from around the world, based on the following statements:



1. There is not only one way to read a book.


2. There is not only one way to write a book.


3. The Ghostwriter Project is an intervention on already existing books.


4. The main goal is to bring the attention back to the writing / reading / imagining

(pre-internet) processes.


5. Treasures (postcards, letters, notes) within each book will not be removed, nor any

other original part of the book. The reader/writer will choose if he/she wants to make

them part of the new imagined narratives.


6. Once the book have been intervened, they will be documented, then marked, and finally

returned to their original shelves.


7. Giving back the books to their initial circulation is like fishing and then putting the fish

safely back to the water.


8. This action will be repeated in different contexts.


Greta Rusttt

Berlin, January 2014