(19th-28th June, Alte Kindl Brauerei, Berlin)

It's About Time is an experimental exhibition based on the idea of the many possibilities facing established certitudes. The visitor will experience ten artistic perspectives questioning the notions of temporality, and proposing the discussion about its cultural and visual impact in today's society.  

Since the first scientific studies about time as a physical phenomenon , as well as through its linear application to human history, the notion of temporality has been socially imposed as a single and hegemonic reality. This has been shown throughout history by several political and cultural processes, such as the assignment of the western calendar by the Romans, and in the understanding of history as a linear chronology of events.

Some of the main twentieth century theorists, such as Benjamin, Foucault or Deleuze, have questioned this hegemonic or western sense of temporality. They have searched for a rupture in its common understanding, proposing a reflection based on the individual and cultural experience, paradoxically real and subjective at the same time.

It's About Time establishes new realities and raises questions around the notion of time: Which is the artists' critical position facing the passing of time? To what extent does the alteration of official historical discourses influence the cultural future of a territory? Can time be redefined as a phenomenon of physics? Is fictive memory valid as a way to remember, and therefore, to create new versions of history? Is it possible to witness multiple space-times simultaneously?

Whether from a historical, anthropological, physical or aesthetic perspective, the ten artists in It's About Time, question the possibilities of time by creating new poetic perceptions on temporary experiences.

Artists: Alex Dorici, Andreas Fischbach, Vladimir Isailovic, Daniel Kemeny, Giulia Manfredi, Steffen Klaue, Nils Pegel, Daniele Tognozzi, Jan Vormann, Greta Rusttt.

Curated by Daniela Hermosilla Z.